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Meet the face
behind the headshots

Hello, thank you for visiting my page! 

I have always dreamed of moving to NYC, auditioning everyday and eventually booking professional shows. I am a stage, tv/film actress and playwright. I dabble in photography as I am the owner of a photography business.

I asked my friends to describe me in 3 adjectives, these were the most popular responses: bubbly, genuine, and fun! (Thank you friends)

I am a huge advocate for the #MeToo Movement and am a survivor myself. I created an online platform called "Healing for Broadway" to help others and their loved ones in hopes to share my story, my truth with the world. As Sondheim once wrote, "No one is alone..." 

On weekends I love working out, going for walks in the park, catching up with friends and family, and writing in my journal. I have a plethora of thoughts in my head that I feel inspired to write down immediately; the same goes for random singing sessions in my room. 

I am adopted from China and am a member of The National Asian Artists Project (NAAP). I recently performed in their annual Gala in the Broadway Community Chorus, and am proud and inspired daily by my mentor, the one and only Ms. Baayork Lee. 


I create art because I cannot live without it. In times of struggle, it is my light in the darkness. I feel alive when I am immersed in it, surrounded by it; otherwise, I feel I am just surviving in the world. There is a difference between surviving and actually living

I appreciate every opportunity that presents itself; I am grateful for all of the beautiful souls I have encountered and have yet to encounter on my lifelong journey as an artist in a world full of inspiration and creation. Thank you for reading. 

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